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Jean A. Wooldridge, MPH

Bellevue, WA
PH: 425-747-8078   FX: 425-747-8244  

Jean A. Wooldridge, MPH, founded St. Cloud Communications, a small consultancy near Seattle. Its mission focuses on emerging consumer and community technologies in eHealth to foster strategies and connections between private and public sectors. Business horizon is 3-15 years.

Jean holds research affiliate status at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle and is past co-Principal Investigator of communications research grants in tobacco, and in breast cancer web communications.

Jean brings an unusual perspective to non-profit and government work through her blend of consumer service, behavioral research, and immersion in cutting-edge commercial technology through attendance at CEO level invitational conferences (Future in Review, TED [Technology, Entertainment, and Design], Pop!Tech, Roundtable, etc.), broad reading in the trade literature (Fortune, Business 2.0, Fast Company, CIO, Wall Street Journal, WIRED, etc.), blogs, and contacts in the commercial sector (Strategic News Service, Intel, Vivometrics, BodyMedia, Amen Clinics, etc.).

Her interests are in consumer health informatics, the leveraging of nonprofit and profit partnerships to build Internet models for the national health information infrastructure, and applications for general, rural, and medically underserved populations, including agents, decision support, affective computing, simulation, and graphical display of complex data.

Selected talks covered radical digital literacy and roles of the patient and the citizen, the consumer as producer in consumer-centric healthcare, neuromarketing, data visualization, smart homes, bellwether industries for technology change in healthcare and government-funded research on outreach with American Indian populations, breast and cervical cancer outreach to underserved populations, and website design for cancer prevention. Audiences included IQ Solutions, University of Washington masters in public health students and faculty, Pan American Health Organization CRICS (regional congress on health sciences information), the International E-Learning Summit, the Institute for the Future of Health Technology (affiliated with MIT Media Lab), Robert Wood Johnson, academic conferences, and external and internal advisory committees for the National Cancer Institute at the National Institutes (NIH) of Health, Bethesda, MD.

Publications include academic research reports, two invitational book chapters published in the series, “Future Health Technology” (R. Bushko, IOS Press), Their titles were: “Our Wealth, Our Health: Bellwether Industries and Symbiotic Stewardships” (2002) and “Digital Literacy in a Landscape of Data: A Plea for a Broader Definition for Citizens and Patients” (2005). Jean also contributed a paper on technology strategy for the national Cancer Information Service network in a National Cancer Institute  (NIH) anniversary monograph.

Her masters in public health (MPH), at the University of Washington, explored online collaborative technologies for solving complex global problems. In 2006, she was a nominee for University of Washington Distinguished Alumni of the Extended Masters Degree Program in Public Health.

Her undergraduate degrees are in psychology and education. In a previous life, she founded and operated a classical piano studio in the metropolitan Washington, D.C. area.

In Jean’s roles at the Hutchinson Research Center, she was “loaned” to the U.S. National Cancer Institute (NCI) in Bethesda, MD, in 2000, to serve as Strategic Advisor for Cancer Communication Technologies, providing commercial industry and trend insights to the founding Director of the Division of Prevention and Population Sciences, Barbara Rimer, and continued to consult privately after the loan.

Previously, Jean directed the regional Pacific Cancer Information Service contract, part of a federal network of call centers, outreach, and communications research, growing the service from one to an eventual five state region with two subcontracts at Mayo and Hawai’i.

Jean’s team at the Pacific Region Cancer Information Service won over $21 million in contracts and were considered technological leaders. They developed the CIS network’s first relational database in 1983 with funding from Boeing and the Center. The call center served over 12,000 callers annually. The subcontract with Mayo was in support of an NCI Special Populations award.

In terms of research, Jean was co-PI on Seattle-based research grants from the National Cancer Institute and directed regional staff in national network communications research on diet and tobacco. Collaborators included: Hutchinson Center, the Washington State Health Department, the University of Washington, AMC Cancer Center in Colorado, and the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta.  Content included: reaching blue-collar smokers, fruit and vegetable diet modifications, and breast and cervical cancer screening for medically underserved women, early Internet training for public health rural workers and American Indian NW tribes, and population-based genetic risk intervention via the web.

Jean serves on boards and committees in the commercial, non-profit, and government sectors. Selected examples include:

  • Advisory board for Mark Anderson’s Strategic News Service’s Future in Review annual invitational global technology/economy conference, “Future in Review” (FiRe) (
  • Founding Board member of Tom Eng’s  eHealth Institute, (convenes public/private interests) (,
  • Faculty member of Renata Bushko’s Future of Health Technology Institute (annual invitational summit) (
  • Member of IEEE (Institute of Electronic and Electrical Engineers) Medical Technology Policy Committee and Geriatric Care Working Group, (advises Congress on engineering issues),
  • Advisory Committee for Gary Mark’s International E-Learning Summit (Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education) (
  • Member of  Cynthia Bauer’s committee for  “Healthy People 2010” for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, (develops national metrics)
  • Advisory Board for SAMA (Science and Management of Substance Abuse) in Seattle.
  • Board Emeritus, Cancer Lifeline ( (support programs in Seattle area)

Past selected examples include:

  • NCI external advisory committee on the 3-year Extraordinary Opportunities in Cancer Communications for the FY2001-03 Bypass Budget,
  • health advisory committee for one industry Roundtable of Council for Technology and the Individual based in part at UCLA’s Anderson School of Business,
  • National Cancer Institute (NCI) Steering Committee for Redesign of Clinical Trials Information Systems,
  • NCI Cancer Information Service Research Consortium Council and Informatics Task Force

Reasons for hope and joy:  data visualization for planetary decision-making and collaborative networks, neuroimaging, friends and family, classical chamber music, hiking mountains in the Northwest and New Mexico, and sailing in the British Virgin Islands.

More formal biosketch available upon request.

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